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Why are you in the markets that you are in and how have you chosen them?

We’ve created a propriety algorithm to establish the markets that make sense for real estate investing. It consists of local linear economies, employment, percentage of population that rents, landlord friendly states, development plans for that particular city, etc.

How long has CashFlow Savvy been in business?

Since 2011, typically selling between 15-20 investment properties per month.

How many properties does CashFlow Savvy sell a month, year?

We have sold over 1,700 properties as we sell approximately 180-240 properties, per year.

Why are the properties shown on your website all sold?

Our turnkey operation is a bit unique in that we don't stock inventory or blast properties from an available list to share with the public, rather, we have a VIP Investor Queue where our clients get EXCLUSIVITY to all of our properties. Only the investors in our VIP Queue get the opportunity to see our exclusive, inventory. This allows us to offer exclusivity to our clients while eliminating bidding wars.

How do I get into the "investor queue"?

The investor queue is a fair method to distribute the available rent ready properties. You are placed in the queue in the order you’ve open escrow. It is a 2 step process, first you get prequalified with our exclusive lender. Then, you wire your $2,500 deposit to escrow.

Is the $2500 deposit an extra fee or a deposit?

The $2,500 deposit is NOT a fee. It gets applied to the purchase of your property. Once you select a property, the deposit becomes the earnest money of the property you’ve chosen, now adhering to all earnest money regulations.

Do I get my deposit back if CashFlow Savvy can't find a property that suits me?

Absolutely. You will get your deposit back, minus any wire fees, charged by the escrow company. No questions asked.

Do I have to put in another $2500 if I want to buy another property?


Do you have any relationships with banks you can refer us to?

Yes, Ridge Lending Group is our exclusive lender. They are licensed in ever one of our markets/states and specialize in out-of-state-investors with an emphasis on turkey investment properties.

Are your properties located in war zones?

No war zone properties. We typically buy and sell B+, B, B-, C+, C and C- properties.

Do you sell properties that have Section 8 tenants?

We do sell in areas where Section 8 is accepted and our extensive screening process eliminates factors (in Section 8 tenants) that can potentially cause problems in the future. However, when the Section 8 tenant vacates the property, you will have the right to determine if you would like to accept Section 8 tenant or not.

What happens if the property manager you work with, skips town?

We are big on diversification and have several property management teams established in each of our markets, both of which know of each other, keeping a healthy competition and everyone honest. These are the same property managers that manage Matt and Mercedes personal portfolio and all of our investors. We use this as a muscle and the ability for you to leverage our relationships and resources.

Which market do you recommend and why?

All of our markets meet our investment criteria, however, it really depends on the your purpose AND deal flow. We sell properties to clients based off the deals make the most sense for you, the investor.

How do you find your properties?

In each market, we have different acquisition sources, that range from wholesalers, HUD, REO specialists, bird dogs, probate, real investors, agents or through our direct mail campaigns.

Do you hire an inspector for each property before CashFlow Savvy purchases it?

For the most part, we do hire a third party inspector however, it depends on the deal and it’s time sensitivity. However, when you purchase a property from us, we allow you a due diligence period where you can also hire your own inspector, whether we refer you to an inspector or you find your own. Inspections are never a bad idea.

Are these properties below retail/market value?

By how much? We purchase based on cash flow, but depending on the deal and considering the current market conditions, we always attempt to sell properties a bit below market value when buying our properties all cash.

Is the rehab work warrantied? Is your rehab team licensed?

Yes, the rehab work is warrantied for one year and our team is licensed.

Is CashFlow Savvy the actual property management company?

No. Our property management teams are an extension of our company, with no affiliation or ownership, strictly a relationship we introduce you to. Because we operate in volume, often representing a majority of their business, our clients get preferential service.

Do you choose your property managers/rehabbers?

Referrals, through our networks, extensive interviewing…

How old are the properties you typically sell?

It depends on the market but you will always be told the age of the property, in the property description of the property profile.

What's the property management fee?

Management fee is between 8-10%.

How does CashFlow Savvy get compensated?

Epic Real Estate/CashFlow Savvy are often the owners of the property, either directly or indirectly (through partnerships, sister companies or affiliates). We make a profit from our sales or get compensated by the partnership companies.

Do you screen tenants?

Yes. Our tenant selection process is quite extensive and has been perfected throughout the years. It is important to remember, if the property management company does not collect the rent, no one gets paid. Not the property manager. Not you. Therefore the screening process is on-point!

How much does a turnkey property cost?

Our properties typically range from $80,000 to $150,000 for Single Family residences.

Will I get any help/assistance/education during the process of buying a turnkey property?

Absolutely! We help, guide and provide input as much as you’d like. We are big on educating our clients but are here to serve your needs. Our more seasoned investors tend to navigate the process and reach out when they need help but if you are a beginner, we will hold your hand throughout the entire process. Regardless, you will be assigned a personal transaction coordinator that is there to make your entire process, smooth.

Hear What Our Cash-Flowing Raving Fans Say

Our mission is to empower you to generate passive income through real estate faster than you ever thought possible. With our help, you can secure your financial future and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a steady stream of passive income.

Phillip Mutulo

"I wanted to make sure my first purchase was going to be a solid investment and I knew help would be needed. The support I received during the process was outstanding! ​They held my hand every step of the way and I guided me through the entire process. ​I was blown away with my experience and have referred my friends as a result."

Jennifer Omhari

"I honestly couldn't have bought my property without Mercedes and the CashFlow Savvy Team. They literally held this newbie’s hand throughout the entire process and believe me, I needed a lot of hand holding. If it wasn't for them, I would still be wishing I was a real estate investor right now instead of actually being a real estate investor. How do you thank someone in words for all of that? It's just not possible. Nothing seems adequate."

Nate Hammond

"I found CashFlow Savvy after listening to Matt's Turnkey Real Estate Investing Podcast on iTunes. At the time I was in the market for a turnkey provider for my first property. After my consultation call with Mercedes, I felt confident that CashFlow Savvy was the right choice for me! Right away Mercedes started sending me available turnkey properties. Once I found the right one for me the CashFlow Savvy essentially took care of the rest! Throughout the process, the CashFlow Savvy team was both responsive and proactive in answering all my questions and guiding me through the process of buying my first investment property."

Ray Rosato

"I met the CashFlow Savvy team at a property tour and instantly knew they were the right choice for me. I found Mercedes and the team to be very accessible, experienced, and relationship-oriented. They are very selective in qualifying properties and look out for your interest. They also provide great contacts and tips which helped facilitate a smooth transaction during this first purchase."

Lori and Carlos

"Working with Mercedes and the team at CashFlow Savvy was a breeze. We're on our way to becoming financially free and I wish we had done this sooner!"

Enrique & Irem Santana

"From our first conversation to our latest transaction, Mercedes and the team she’s connected us with have been extremely helpful and essential toward making our financial goals a reality. At the beginning of the year, we had a savings account with a nice pile of cash doing nothing for us and no investment properties. Today we don’t have much in our savings but have 6 cash flowing rentals which cover over 1/3 of our expenses. It’s nice to have a team that can answer any questions we may have and is ready with quality cash flowing investment properties every time we are ready for one."

Lanita Holland

"Being able to work with a company that has experience with their own personal investments as well as experience with helping others find investments for themselves has been very valuable. The team at CashFlow Savvy, as well as the teams they have in the cities they work in, were patient, helpful and always willing to share their knowledge when I needed it.

To date I have purchased 2 properties with CashFlow Savvy and I plan on purchasing many more in the future. They make the process as easy as possible. The hardest part was raising the capital! Thank you for giving me a truly Turn Key experience."

Seth Leiboh

"I can't believe acquiring my first rental was so easy!"

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