3 Steps for Setting Real Estate Goals

When you don’t have a goal you can’t create a real estate strategy. Find out how to set goals that suit you and your circumstances. I’ve worked with thousands of...
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Take the First Step Already! (And Make Your Real Estate Dream a Reality)

Analysis paralysis will stop you from creating the life that you’ve always wanted. If you don’t take action, you won’t create transformation! I’ve worked with thousands of investors and there’s...
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Should You Pay Cash or Use Leverage in Your Real Estate Investing?

You have a little cash in your pocket and you’re ready to make your first investment. But, should you use every dollar that you have to get started? You’ve learned...
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The Four Real Estate Rules That Help You Generate a Healthy Cash Flow

Your fear holds you back from taking the leap with real estate investing. But with a little guidance, you can ensure that your portfolio creates the cash flow you want....
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Explaining the Role of Turnkey Real Estate Providers (And Do You Really Need One?)

Want real estate done for you? A turnkey real estate provider may be the answer. You’ve heard about how real estate can be a vehicle for life-changing transformation. But you...
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