About Us

Everyone wants to invest in real estate, and everyone can. The sad story is most people won’t. It’s understandable considering the infomercials, seminars and webinars that proliferate today’s marketplace suggesting that investing in real estate is easy.

To truly succeed in real estate one must have a passion for it, and most people’s passion simply lies elsewhere… and that’s perfectly okay. But, that doesn’t change the fact that everyone needs real estate in their investment portfolio if they ever expect to experience any sort of financial independence (well… at least while they’re young enough to enjoy it).

Cash Flow Savvy was born out of our passion for real estate and helping people just like you. Meet the team that helps you do just that!

Meet The Team

Mercedes Torres

Co-Founder and
Vice President

Matt Theriault

Co-Founder &

Wall of Cashflow!

Here are just a few of our happy clients!