Wall of CashFlow

Lori and Carlos

Los Angeles, California


Working with Mercedes and the team at CashFlow Savvy was a breeze. We're on our way to becoming financially free and I wish we had done this sooner!

Rick & Cat Morton

"I can’t express enough how amazing the CashFlow Savvy Property tour was!"

Cat and I can’t express enough how amazing the CashFlow Savvy Property tour was! Getting to know the CashFlow Savvy team face to face and seeing how passionate everyone is about helping people achieve their Real Estate goals was simply amazing! We are so grateful we found you and looking forward to building our portfolio of cash flowing homes with your help. Thanks for being our "biggest fans!”

Enrique & Irem Santana

Los Angeles, California

"Working with Cashflow Savvy has been fantastic."

From our first conversation to our latest transaction, Mercedes and the team she’s connected us with have been extremely helpful and essential toward making our financial goals a reality. At the beginning of the year, we had a savings account with a nice pile of cash doing nothing for us and no investment properties. Today we don’t have much in our savings but have 6 cash flowing rentals which cover over 1/3 of our expenses. It’s nice to have a team that can answer any questions we may have and is ready with quality cash flowing investment properties every time we are ready for one.

Jennifer Omhari

Ikoma, Japan

"All I can say is how truly grateful I am for everything they did for me."

I honestly couldn't have bought my property without Mercedes and the CashFlow Savvy Team. They literally held this newbie’s hand throughout the entire process and believe me, I needed a lot of hand holding. If it wasn't for them, I would still be wishing I was a real estate investor right now instead of actually being a real estate investor. How do you thank someone in words for all of that? It's just not possible. Nothing seems adequate.

Lync Jones

Eagle Mountain, Utah

“Working with Cashflow Savvy has been fantastic."

There is one word that sums up the customer service at CashFlow Savvy and that is... EPIC! Mercedes and Ashley have been nothing but a joy to work with. They were very willing to listen to my situation and put together a solution that would work for me. They answered all of my questions and have responded in a very timely manner. If you are considering CashFlow Savvy to help you in your real estate investing, you won't be disappointed!

Lanita Holland

Los Angeles, California

"Working with CashFlow Savvy has been one of the best decisions I've made in my investment career."

Being able to work with a company that has experience with their own personal investments as well as experience with helping others find investments for themselves has been very valuable. The team at CashFlow Savvy, as well as the teams they have in the cities they work in, were patient, helpful and always willing to share their knowledge when I needed it.
To date I have purchased 2 properties with CashFlow Savvy and I plan on purchasing many more in the future. They make the process as easy as possible. The hardest part was raising the capital! Thank you for giving me a truly Turn Key experience.

Nate Hammond

Albany, Oregon

"I can't wait for property number two and beyond!"

I found CashFlow Savvy after listening to Matt's Turnkey Real Estate Investing Podcast on iTunes. At the time I was in the market for a turnkey provider for my first property. After my consultation call with Mercedes, I felt confident that CashFlow Savvy was the right choice for me! Right away Mercedes started sending me available turnkey properties. Once I found the right one for me the CashFlow Savvy essentially took care of the rest! Throughout the process, the CashFlow Savvy team was both responsive and proactive in answering all my questions and guiding me through the process of buying my first investment property.

Ayram Parera & Lizbeth Martinez

Miami, Florida

"Our experience with CashFlowSavvy has been fantastic!!"

After several years of attending seminars and reading books about investing in real estate, I had gained a lot of theory but none of the practice. Finding CashFlow Savvy was really what marked my hands on training as an investor. Their proficiency and efficiency makes this apparently overwhelming process... simple. They are always just one call away, not only Mercedes & Matt but the whole team gets involved whenever you need it. Can't wait for my next deal, you rock guys!!

Phillip Mutulo

"Working with Mercedes and CashFlow Savvy was the perfect start to my real estate investing journey​!"

I wanted to make sure my first purchase was going to be a solid investment and I knew help would be needed. The support I received during the process was outstanding! ​They held my hand every step of the way and I guided me through the entire process. ​I was blown away with my experience and have referred my friends as a result.

Jeremy Sebes

"Mercedes and the CashFlow Savvy Team are awesome!"

They helped educate us on different markets and sold us properties that have performed well. They put us in contact with good property management, inspectors, and lenders. They're even there to advise if any problems happen down the road.